Positive Pregnancy test?

Happy to continue?

Contact Maternity Services as soon as possible to book your care. Click here

  • Pregnancy care is FREE at the point of contact in the UK
  • 8-10 weeks will be your first midwife appointment
  • 10-12 weeks will be your first scan

Best start for baby

  • Start taking FOLIC ACID 400mcg and VITAMIN D 10mcg
  • STOP smoking, STOP drinking alcohol, STOP using street drugs
  • HELP is available through your GP, pharmacy or search online
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet and continue with gentle exercise

Not sure if you want to continue?

See you GP as soon as possible to discuss your options or contact;

  • TALKTHRU; Pregnancy counselling Kirklees 01484 515137
  • Heatherdale Clinic; Calderdale Royal Hospital 01422 224979 / 01422 224962