The current partners of the surgery have formed Boulevard Medical Practice Limited. The running of Boulevard Medical Practice will transfer over to Boulevard Medical Practice LTD on 1st October 2020.

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Wednesday 16th September- We are currently receiving an unusually high demand of incoming calls. Our Reception team are trying their best to answer as many as possible whilst maintaining a high level of care. You can contact us using the Blue Banner below or alternatively please email your enquiry to

 Both options can also be used to order your repeat prescriptions.

NOTE: Please ensure that you enable two way messaging so that we are able to contact you via email.

GP Connect

Open Minds are the young people’s Tough Times Reference Group, working for Calderdale Council on the emotional health and wellbeing (EHWB) agenda. During lockdown they have been working with services across Calderdale on producing the below poster.  

Open Minds Well being Poster

Their intention is for every young person to know about the different services, not only by name but also what each service specialises in, to ensure young people receive the support that best fits their EHWB needs.

Open Minds website -

The Friends and Family Test is an important feedback tool that supports the fundamental principle that people who use NHS services should have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience. Listening to the views of patients and staff helps identify what is working well, what can be improved and how. Please click on the following link to provide your feedback. and Family Test

Please note: our online booking system is temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.  If you require an appointment, please use our new E-consult service (click the blue banner above) or contact the surgery on 01422 365533.   On-line prescription ordering remains available. 



You can BOOK & CANCEL APPOINTMENTS or ORDER REPEAT MEDICATION using the online system -  saving you time.

The online system can be downloaded as an APP to any Smart phone.

The practice releases GP and some Practitioner (NOT nurse) appointments to the online system daily for a variety of future dates. Some appointments will also become available early in the day (before 8am) so that anyone with an acute problem can book to be seen urgently without having to phone the surgery.

To get a login and password please ask the Patient Services staff who can arrange that for you.

Coronavirus Covid-19


Posted 23rd July 2020

Face Coverings in relation to children

North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (NYSCP) would like to highlight the importance to parent and carers of not using face coverings on children, particularly babies which has been highlighted in recent media platforms.

From Friday 24th July compulsory face covering in shops will be enforced. The Government guidance states that ‘children under the age of 11 are exempt from wearing a face covering’.

Please see the link below for more information from the NYSCP;

For more information on the Government Guidance click here

Posted on 20th July 2020

Covid-19 – The compulsory wearing of face covering in shops

The introduction of the requirement for people to wear face covering in shops is intended to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

There are certain groups of people who are exempt from this requirement and they include:

  • children under the age of 11,
  • people with disabilities 
  • those with breathing difficulties or
  • those who are travelling with someone who relies on lip reading.

These groups of people, their parents or guardians are able to indicate the reason, if required, as to why they are not wearing a face covering.

General practice is under considerable pressure as a direct result of the current challenges they are faced with delivering a service to patients at the same time as coping with the consequences of this virus. 

There is no requirement for general practice to issue letters for patients who are unable to wear face coverings, as the Government have clearly defined the exemptions to this requirement.

General practice needs to focus all its time and effort managing those who need their help and not be diverted from this by unnecessary tasks.

Many thanks for your help and support in this matter.

The Boulevard Medical Practice

Please see the link below regarding Reducing COVID-19 transmission and PPE

Posted on 13th July 2020

Updated Information for Patient’s  - Government Roadmap

The UK Government has set out a roadmap for the clinically extremely vulnerable on the future of the shielding programme.  


For now, the guidance remains the same – stay at home and only go outside to exercise or to spend time outdoors with a member of your household, or with one other person from another household if you live alone – but the guidance will change on 6 July and again on 1 August clinical evidence.


Shielding and other advice to the clinically extremely vulnerable has been and remains advisory. 


What are the changes? 


Recently, the UK Government advised that you can spend time outdoors, if you wish, with your own household, or if you live alone with another household. Following this, and alongside current scientific and medical advice the UK Government is planning to relax shielding guidance in stages.  


From 6 July, the guidance will change so you can meet in groups of up to six people from outside your household – outdoors with social distancing. For example, you might want to enjoy a summer BBQ outside at a friend’s house, but remember it is still important to maintain social distancing and you should not share items such as cups and plates. If you live alone (or are a lone adult with dependent children under 18), you will be able to form a support bubble with another household. 


From 1 August, you will no longer need to shield, and the advice will be that you can visit shops and places of worship, but you should continue maintaining rigorous social distancing.


Why is the guidance changing now? 

The roadmap has been developed in line with the latest scientific and medical advice and with the safety and welfare of those who are shielding in mind. Current statistics show that the rate of catching coronavirus in the community continues to decrease. On average less than 1 in 1,700 in our communities are estimated to have the virus, down from 1 in 500 four weeks ago. 

Unless advised otherwise by your clinician, you are still in the ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ category and should continue to follow the advice for that category, which can be found here.


We will monitor the virus continuously over coming months and if it spread too much, we may need to advise you to shield again.

Support Offer   

If you are in receipt of Government provided food boxes and medicine deliveries, you will continue to receive this support until the end of July.

Local councils and volunteers are also providing support to people who are shielding, to enable them to stay safely in their homes. The government is funding local councils to continue to provide these services to those who need them until the end of July.  


What support is available to people who are shielding until the end of July? 

Essential supplies 


There are a number of ways that those who are shielding can access food and other essentials:  

  • Make use of the supermarket priority delivery slots that are available for this group. When a clinically extremely vulnerable person registers online as needing support with food, their data is shared with supermarkets. This means if they make an online order with a supermarket (as both a new or existing customer), they will be eligible for a priority slot. 
  • Use the many commercial options now available for accessing food, including telephone ordering, food box delivery, prepared meal delivery and other non-supermarket food delivery providers. A list has been shared with local authorities and charities.

  • A free, standardised weekly parcel of food and household essentials. If you have registered for this support online before 17 July you will continue to receive weekly food box deliveries until the end of July.   
  • If you need urgent help and have no other means of support, contact your local council to find out what support services are available in their area. 
  • For anyone facing financial hardship, the government has made £63 million available to local councils in England to help those who are struggling to afford food and other essentials.


Public Transport

If you are travelling with First Group Bus Service and have a medical condition or disability which requires you not to wear a mask, please see the link below for an exemption card;

Posted on 9th April 2020

This bank holiday weekend, please remember the social distancing guidelines and stay at home unless you need to go to the shop, require medical treatment or going for a short walk as part of your daily exercise routine.

If you are isolated or feeling low, please access the following links for information on mental health and well being:

BH small

Posted on 7th April 2020

  • Social distancing measures are still in place - please only go out if necessary and please remember the 2 metre (6ft) distance rule 
  • Hand washing is the best way to keep coronavirus at bay - please wash your hands as indicated below and remember to use a good moisturiser afterwards to protect the skin
  • As per the message below, how to access GP services has changed.  Contact either your GP surgery in the first instance or 111 - PLEASE DO NOT visit A&E unless absolutely necessary 


Posted on 31st March 2020

How to access GP services during the pandemic

We are making changes to the way you access GP services during the coronavirus pandemic to help protect people and slow the spread of the virus.

From Monday 30 March 2020 people cannot enter GP practices in Calderdale unless they have been given permission by a clinician during a telephone or video consultation.

If you need an appointment or advice, call your GP practice by phone in the first instance. You can use the NHS Find your GP service to get their contact details.

The receptionist will take details and process your call as usual. If your needs require a clinical opinion a phone or video call with a GP, nurse or other healthcare professional may be booked for you.

If a face-to-face GP appointment is necessary, you will be told which GP practice it will be held at. This appointment may take place at a different surgery to the one you usually go to, and with a different doctor or nurse than the one you usually see.

If a home visit is needed, one will be arranged. The doctor who visits may not be the one you usually see.

Please be assured that the clinician you see will have access to all of your medical records, and will be able to make informed decisions based on your health needs.

These are temporary measures taken to ensure we can continue to meet your needs in general practice.

It also supports the national efforts to encourage people to stay at home and maintain social distancing measures, and ensure that people receive the best medical care while keeping doctors and nurses safe.

For help and information about coronavirus

Those with symptoms should use the 111 Coronavirus online service. People should only call 111 if you’re unable to get help online.

Those advised to self-isolate can get a note to send to their employer online at

Urgent medical help

If you need urgent medical help, use the NHS 111 online service.

The 111 online service asks questions about your symptoms to help you get the help you need.

Only call 111 if you’re unable to get help online.

During the coronavirus outbreak, the 111 phone line will be very busy so it will be quicker and easier to get help online.

Posted on 27th March 2020

Every Mind Matters has now released expert advice and top tips on how to look after your mental wellbeing if you need to stay at home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. It also includes guidance if you’re feeling worried or anxious about the outbreak.
Please visit:


The latest Government restrictions are as follows:

Anyone can spread coronavirus.   The only reasons to leave home are:

  • To shop for basic necessities or medicines
  • To travel to work if you can absolutely not work from home or if you are volunteering
  • To exercise once a day alone or with members of your household only

Information is changing on a daily basis and we will update as much as possible however if you want to keep up to date with the very latest on Coronavirus, please access the following:


Coronavirus Covid-19

Posted on March 23rd 2020

Updated information for patients following the Government’s Coronavirus Action Plan – 23rd March 2020

Stay at home if you have coronavirus symptoms

Stay at home if you have either:

  • a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)

To protect others, do not go to places like a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. Stay at home. 

  • Use the 111 online coronavirus service to find out what to do next or call NHS 111 to inform them of your recent travel to the country and your symptoms

  • Stay indoors and avoid contact with other people as you would with the flu

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. Call 111, stay indoors and avoid close contact with other people.

Further information is available on

How long to stay at home

  • if you have symptoms of coronavirus, you'll need to stay at home for 7 days
  • if you live with someone who has symptoms, you'll need to stay at home for 14 days from the day the first person in the home started having symptoms

If you live with someone who is 70 or over, has a long-term condition, is pregnant or has a weakened immune system, try to find somewhere else for them to stay for 14 days.

If you have to stay at home together, try to keep away from each other as much as possible.

Advice for people at high risk

If you're at high risk of getting seriously ill from coronavirus, there are extra things you should do to avoid catching it.

These include:

  • not leaving your home – you should not go out to do shopping, visit friends or family, or attend any gatherings
  • avoiding close contact with other people in your home as much as possible

Read the full advice on protecting yourself if you're at high risk from coronavirus on GOV.UK.

Who is at high risk?

You may be at high risk from coronavirus if you:

  • have had an organ transplant
  • are having certain types of cancer treatment
  • have blood or bone marrow cancer, such as leukaemia
  • have a severe lung condition, such as cystic fibrosis or severe asthma
  • have a condition that makes you much more likely to get infections
  • are taking medicine that weakens your immune system
  • are pregnant and have a serious heart condition


If you're at high risk, you will be contacted by the NHS by Sunday 29 March 2020. Do not contact your GP or healthcare team at this stage – wait to be contacted.

Get an isolation note

Use this service if you have been told to stay at home because of coronavirus and you need a note for your employer.

This service is only for people who:

  • have symptoms of coronavirus and have used the 111 online coronavirus service
  • have been told by a healthcare professional they have symptoms of coronavirus
  • live with someone who has symptoms of coronavirus

If you are not sure if you need to stay at home, get the latest NHS advice on coronavirus.

If you have to stay at home but feel well enough to work, ask your employer if you can work from home. If you can work from home, you will not need an isolation note.

You can also use this service for someone else.

Please follow the link below to obtain an isolation note.

Everyone can help support the UK’s response by:

following public health authorities’ advice, for example on hand washing.

reducing the impact and spread of misinformation by relying on information from trusted sources, such as that on and

checking and following the latest FCO travel advice when travelling and planning to travel

ensuring you and your family’s vaccinations are up to date as this will help reduce the pressure on the NHS/HSCNI through reducing vaccine-preventable diseases.

checking on elderly or vulnerable family, friends and neighbours.

using NHS 111 (including online, where possible), pharmacies and GPs responsibly, and go to the hospital only when you really need to. This is further explained on the NHS website –

being understanding of the pressures the health and social care systems may be under, and receptive to changes that may be needed to the provision of care to you and your family.

accepting that the advice for managing COVID-19 for most people will be self-isolation at home and simple over the counter medicines

checking for new advice as the situation changes

Community Transport booking for patients and drivers wanted

At our recent Patient Participation Group, it was highlighted that some patients may find it difficult to attend the surgery for an appointment due to mobility or other issues.  This is a fantastic service that is offered by volunteers who will collect patients for appointments and return, for the charge of 45p per mile to cover expenses.   

They are also looking for volunteer drivers so if you have some time to spare and are interested in joining, please click the link below for further information.

Community Volunteer Transport details 2019/20

Out of Hours Appointments (Extended Access)

Please click on link below 

Extended Access 2019/20

The Boulevard Pharmacy

We hope to make positive changes at the pharmacy as well as providing extra new services including; longer opening hours, speedier prescription turnaround, more flexible delivery service, much better supply chains for hard to get medicines, Travel Clinics etc.  It is early days but we hope that those who use this pharmacy will find the service efficient and professional inline with the aspirations and aims of the Practice.


Please note the clinics that run here on a Saturday morning are put on by the Local Network and they access a different clinical system to the practice and staff may not be regular Boulevard staff so we are unable to offer routine services and can only provide the clinic appointments that are pre-booked. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We Are Merged with Horne Street

The systems merge is now complete.   We did have some small teething issues but we are working to ensure they are all resolved they are not expected to have any impact on patient care.

Please note that ALL ADMINISTRATION will now be done centrally at the Boulevard - all appointments will be booked via the Boulevard -  online or by phone 01422 365533, all prescriptions and letters will be done there too.

If you do not have your prescription sent directly to your pharmacy you will be required to collect them from the Boulevard.  You will also be expected to collect forms or any other documents required from the Boulevard too.

Please contact your pharmacy if you wish us to send your prescriptions directly to them electronically to save you coming to collect and they can set this up for you.

I know there will be a few issues as we settle into a new way of working for Horne Street patients and we apologise for any inconvenience but please be assured we will endeavour to ensure we have the resources and appointments in place for all patients to be treated.

Charlotte Todd, Business Manager

                Help us by joining the

Patient Participation Group

We meet 2/3 times a year and discuss in between by email.   

The more patients that join in the better it will be for the future of the practice.

Please let us know if you are interested by signing up on the website or calling the practice.  If you register your interest on the website you will receive emailed minutes from the meetings.  Copies are available in the waiting room.

Our next meeting:   Tuesday 7th April 2020 at 5.15pm


Welcome to

The Boulevard Medical Practice

"The purpose of The Boulevard Medical Practice is to offer care, support and advice to all patients to enable them to maximise their quality of life."

The doctors and staff at The Boulevard Medical practice Halifax are proud to offer the highest standard of patient-centred healthcare. We run many clinics for the management of chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes and offer a wide variety of other medical services including antenatal and postnatal care, minor surgery, childhood vaccinations and well-person check-ups.  New patients who live in our catchment area are more than welcome to join us!   

In addition to everything you need to know about the practice you will also find a wealth of health-related information in the menu on the right hand side. Please have a look around and do send us some feedback if you like.

Disabled Access

The practice has access for the disabled with all consulting and treatment rooms on two floors along with a patient lift and disabled toilets.  We also have wheelchairs in the surgery for patients to borrow whilst attending to help them get to / from the car park and around the building. Please ask at reception if you would like to use one.


(Site updated 17/09/2020)
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