Appointments can be made through online consult, in person or by telephone: 01422 365533 between 8.00am and 9:00am and in person between 8.00am and 9:00am Monday – Friday.

Online Consultation

Our practice is now using a new online consultation tool called PATCHS.

Same day appointment booking at Boulevard

At the Boulevard Medical Practice it is agreed if a patient calls between 8am-9:00am they will be offered a same day appointment. 

Initially all appointments will be booked with the clinics available and once these are booked up any further appointments will be added to the on Call GPs Triage list. 

Patient Services are trained to triage patients to ensure they are directed to the care they need. This may mean patients are referred to other local services where appropriate. 

The doctors, nurse practitioner and nursing team run surgeries and clinics at various times between 08:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday –  Consultations are by appointment only.

We strive to maintain 48 hour access to our medical team for all patients so we need to limit the number of appointments we make available for advance booking, therefore the majority of appointments for GPs are