Sharing of Information – Medical Records

NHS England – (part of the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC)) has been commissioned to provide data services to NHS England. The data will be used for analysis of the population as a whole, and in smaller sections e.g. by geographical areas, by age group etc, to help you plan demand and improve services for patients. The data will be extracted from your medical record here and held anonymously by the HSCIC, and also shared with other groups e.g. researches.


Patients names will not be extracted but your NHS number, date of birth, gender and postcode will be used. Data will be extracted to link the information from your records here with any records held by hospitals. Once these links have been made your identifiable information is deleted, with only details of your health retained for analysis.


Your consent to this process has been assumed by NHS England but you can withhold your consent by telling us. You can also withhold consent on behalf of your children or anyone whom you have Power if Attorney. You can withhold your consent for the extraction and/or the onward use of this information, even if anonymous.