The midwife is a specially trained nurse who looks after ladies during pregnancy (antenatal) and for the short time following the babies birth (post natal). A midwife also takes care of mum and baby during delivery at the hospital or occasionally at home.

The Midwife holds a clinic at the surgery every Tuesday morning.

As soon as you find out you are pregnant it is important to get in touch with your midwife. You can contact a midwife direct on (01422) 360336 or call the surgery, where you will be asked for some information. This information will then be passed to the midwife and she will contact you direct. Appointments can be booked at the surgery for all your anti-natal care.

The first 12 weeks of your pregnancy is the most important time in your baby’s development. Early contact with a midwife will help you to make choices.

The midwife will carry out routine checks to ensure mother and baby are well and will work closely with GP’s and the hospital to ensure that the best care is given to each patient.

The midwife will also advise of local classes that expectant parents can attend to prepare themselves for the birth and for looking after a new baby.